A couple of words on motivation

This october marks a whole year since we have started the project.

It is obvious that we are not moving very fast. There is a very simple explanation. Broothall is being developed by a group of friends, during free time aside from dayjob. So what mekes me to toil several extra hours till the late night after a full 8-hour working day?  

I will speak for myself. There are several things in fact:

Success stories

I often watch YouTube channels like “GamingHistorian”, “Noclip”, “Did you know gaming”. They often tell about the early years of various gaming studios, whose story began almost from the basements and garages, sometimes without any programmers at all.

In addition, I am impressed by the example of people like Jonathan Blow (“Braid”, 2005), Markus “Notch Persson” (“Minecraft”, 2009) and others who got their shit together and just did everything by themselves.


In development process, we use weekly sprints, with weekly meetups. Thus, knowing that I will need to show something next Tuesday, I am able to сchoke my procrastination a little bit.


As I have already said, we are all friends and after the meetup we often stay in the bar for another 2 to 3 hours. We dream, drink beer, discuss new concepts, play board games or video games. This also gives me a moral boost.

Unobvious things we learned about Unity part 6

During the last meetup we have found out that the release built on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS lacks the sound. After opening the editor it became clear that we can`t attach an audio clip to a script. The audio file representation was strange as well:

Long story short: Unity Editor converts .wav files to .aac. It is done by ffmpeg binary on linux but converting to .aac is an experemental feature that should be turned on by a console switch.

Errors during import of AudioClip Assets/Sound/ready_go_announce.wav:
ffmpeg -i "Temp/fsbankcache/tmpinput_INZjjK.WAV" -f mp4 -codec aac -b:a 192000 -strict experimental -y "Temp/importedAudioTempPrimary"
FSBTool ERROR: Error converting Temp/fsbankcache/tmpinput_INZjjK.WAV: make sure you have avconv or ffmpeg installed
FSBTool ERROR: Failed encoding audio clip 'Assets/Sound/ready_go_announce.wav' to AAC. Possibly the file is too short. Try to append silence such that the length becomes greater than 256 samples.

UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

We tried it. It did not work. Fixed it by converting everything to Unity native Vorbis OGG.

What challenges you faced in Unity? Maybe we can help and answer your question)


What is the path from the sketch to game-ready character sprites?
We first shot every move in the moves list with a digital camera. Then took the footage and drew from the frames and re-arranged body proportions.

Especially in 2D fighting games, the characters should not be proportional but should have larger feet and fists. This will allow you to track your opponent’s attacks easier. And in our case we needed to draw arms longer to have the extra frames in attack animation that will give you and your opponent an opportunity to dodge and counter. This sprite-creation process will continue as long as the fucking art director (fuck him!) says “Good!”.

In the course of drawings on the vector, what you like, good ideas – are transferred to the following options, bad ones are thrown away.
It may seem to be a simple and fast process, but believe me, it’s not! Our artist fired himself twice while shouting “Fuck! Learn to draw you fucking retard!” before the final version was produced.

Video Reference


About Broothall

Broothall isn’t a classical fighting game, but more like a street fighting simulation. Assuming street fight itself is mostly an arcade based event. In street brawls there are no backflips, no fireballs, no undead ninjas, karate masters or cyborgs. That’s why it appealed to us as a good idea to create a very simple combat mechanic. But we manage to make it hard to master.

Players can choose stances, assaign and upgrade skills, buy/sell/use power ups and even create combos for their fighters. We wanted to give the opportunity to players to create the most suitible fighting style for their gameplay. But we want to keep it real. No lava vomiting, no missle strikes, no laser beams, no mystic powers. It is a street fight.

Broothall is a very easy game, very easy learn how to dodge, do combos, because simple mechanics.
But it will take time to become a master.

In Broothall will be a very high level of cruelty , because this is realistic.
For example in Mortal Combat after a long game so you didn’t see – it’s not surprising.
I just lava vomiting. shot the laser from the eyes. Just tear off head – not impressive.

We were inspired by combo Jax’a from Mortal Combat X. When he scores an opponent in the ground and hits the head. From the first blow the head does not come off, the first blow causes significant damage, breaks the nose, etc., it looks tough, realistic. And only the second blow tears off the head.

Did you know fighting?

Did you know, that the combo notion was introduced to competitive fighting games with Street Fighter II by Capcom? The combo system was originally a bug in the game’s code. The bug allowed the player to cancel an animation of some moves by performing another move allowing the combination of several moves into a single chain and hit an opponent several times in succession.

What was considered unfair and was fixed simply so that the second hit will always miss. However, Street Fighter II director Akira Nishitani asked it to be changed back because “I was dull”. This accidental combo system caused the Street Fighter to be one of the most influential fighting games ever. Leftovers of this mechanics can still be seen with E.Honda’s “Hundred hand slaps” and Chun-Li’s “Lightning kicks”.

Картинки по запросу street fighter ii hundred slapsКартинки по запросу street fighter ii lightning kicks

Source: DYKG

The basis things of Broothall mechanics are three rules: simplicity, realism, maximum pleasure for the player.
Broothall haven`t predefined combinations, there is a certain amount of punches with the left fist and the right fist.
If in real life you can do this “combo”, then most likely this combo is done in BROOTHALL.
For example – a direct hit from the right, straight to the left, straight to the right, hook to the left, hook to the right, an aperture to the left – this is a logical combo. This combo just done by two buttons.

In most fighting games, there are two types of combinations:

  1. Button mashing, It’s a kind of “combo”.
  2. Once or twice a series of strikes for each character, which took place from two or three hits and it`s can be combined.

The broothall system allows you to get rid of button mashing. This is the normal way to win in Tekken.
For example, in Broothall, after a heavy uppercut, you can`t go back to easy tricks, it’s illogical. The further the combo goes, the fewer options remain. A maximum of 6 combos, the sixth blow is the strongest.

In addition, after applying a certain amount of damage, the combo can cause severe damage:
to break a nose, to break a jaw, to beat out a tooth, to leave a crack in a cheek, etc. – it will be displayed by animation.

You can`t kill a person with one combo. When we show the animation, we complete the combo, and the player who completes the combo – senses that it caused significant damage.
After this, the state-machine is reset. The life of the opponent is reduced, but the battle begins as if “anew”.

Why is this done? This suppresses janling, you can keep your opponent on the ground in Tekken, don’t let him get up, you can keep an opponent in the air in Mortal Combat.
In Mortal Combat 4, this was fix by using “maximum damage”, when the player character just thrown into the corner. After multiple uplifts in the air, the character animation was longer and it was impossible to continue the combo. This is a good solution, but it doesn`t give satisfaction from the combo.
In Broothall, this is done realistically so as not to offend the player who makes the combo and makes janling impossible.

One of the animation variants after a successful combo